Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Photosynth, amazing

I don't usually do this - by "this" I mean a) tout micro$oft products, and b) link to somebody else's content. But this demo is really spectacular.

After watching it, I think it could be really amazing - my only quandary is, how open source and easy to use will this tech be? Really rich web pages could be spectacular, but this kind of thing should be available to all. Will it be a plugin? Stay tuned.

And as for Photosynth itself ... the content ideas boggle the mind. With Google and Microsoft competing to catalog the entire world, and synthesize things into a true collective memory - well, to say the mind boggles is somewhat of an understatement. (Course, I'm a firm believer that any collective intelligence will be no more intelligent than its least intelligent member - remember, people are smart, mobs are dumb, and the internet is the biggest mob of all.)

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