Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everyone is a nerd

Oh its true, its true. I have met many, many people in my life who look down on nerds. I've heard nerds dressed as anime characters laugh at the exuberance of another group of nerds playing Magic cards. I've met people who deny that they are nerds that make fun of others for being nerds. True story, the names removed to protect the innocent: I know one person who has mocked others for dressing up to go to a movie premiere, and done the mocking while playing World of Warcraft (which is supposedly "totally not nerdy").

But these are extreme examples. The fact is, everyone I know is a nerd. Oh, I'm not a nerd, you might say to yourself. Oh yeah? Name something you're passionate about. Sports? That just means you're a sports nerd. NASCAR? NASCAR nerd. The Food Network? Cooking nerd! Anthropomorphic animals and what they do in their spare time? Furry! (ahem...) Um, backpacking? Outdoor nerd. Foreign travel? Travel nerd. Getting ahead at work? Business nerd. Making gobs of cash? Finance nerd. Knowing the minutiae of the latest legislation working its way thru congress? Political nerd. Sonoma and Napa? Wine nerd. Etc, etc, etc.....

On the other hand, if there's absolutely nothing that you're passionate about, nothing you care about, maybe you're not a nerd. But are you alive?

(Feel free to post what you're a nerd about!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More on living well in Merrill

Lately it seems like I'm writing more about trying to live well in Merrill and less about the design stuff I love so much. This will be remedied soon, but for today, I'm going to continue the topic. Going from the lowbrow to the highbrow here...

Garage sales: EVERYWHERE around here there are garage sales, with everything you could possibly be looking for, and about a billion kids clothes too. I've gotten a wrought-iron room divider, a couple of dvd shelves, some chairs, a bed (for 25 bucks, in nigh brand-new shape)... not to mention a million books and other things. Only problem is I WORK and garage sales/rummage sales around here seem to always start on Wednesdays or the saturdays when I get to em the good stuff is a little fewer and father between. Wausau area sales are in the Wausau Daily Herald, and Merrill area sales are in the Foto News (yeah, there's a lot of cross posting)

Along the same lines but cheaper, there's Freecycle, where there's both a Lincoln County group and a Wausau group. If someone puts up something you want respond quick, because it'll go quick. Also, pick just one thing out of a group if there's multiple things from one lister... you'll be more likely to get it. More expensive is another local online option, Wausau Craigslist. Some good stuff, some cheap stuff, but always worth a check.

Then there's the local auctions, a really good bet for nice stuff thats not terribly expensive. Its where I got my really nice leather couch and desk chair - it didn't go for a song, but its a nice couch that I expect to last me a long time.

I've posted about food before, and I got to go to the Wausau Farmer's Market for the first time this past weekend. Got some wonderful ramps and lettuce from Moonshadow Farm, some really nice bread, and some green beans and tomatoes. I'm hoping next time I'll see Stoney Acres Farm there, as I've heard really good things about them - they also have a CSA which I'd love to do but haven't been able to get the money together for.

Midnight openings of movies at the Cosmo have helped keep me sane too - both Star Trek and Terminator 4 were really well attended and lots of fun (doesn't hurt that I'm a huge nerd and kicked major butt at the Star Trek trivia contest) Now we just gotta get some more GOOD dining establishments into downtown (Checkered Churn is great, and I hear good things about the First Street Coffee Station, but cafes alone don't quite make it) and get businesses - and dining establishments! - to stay open past 5 on a saturday, and we could have a real downtown. Maybe even a bar that's not a sports bar or dive bar? Hmm, might be too much to ask.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Retro Rant - Those who can read, should.

Here's another oldie from the pile.

Wednesday, Aug 9 1994

Those who can read, should.

I agree with this statement. If people would read more, they would be better informed and we wouldn't have as many problems in the world. Prejudice would cease to exist, because people would no longer be ignorant. Reading is good for people. It lets your use your imagination. It doesn't come in 30 second sound bites. You have to stick with it, and be patient to find out the outcome. It relaxes you, lets you forget about the problems of the day, and takes you into another place or time. Well, all I'm trying to say is that if you can read, do. You'll be a better person for it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Retro Rant - Describe someone or something that has total control over you

Going thru some of the stuff that has been stored at my parents house for quite some time, I came upon an old notebook of mine, from my American Lit class in 11th grade. We had to keep a journal for this class, and every now and then I'm going to transcribe one of the old entries. Can't guarantee they're all good, but here goes.

11/17/94 - Describe someone or something that has total control over you

I know this isn't very original, but I am the only one who has total and final control of myself. No matter what the situation is, I have the final say over what I do.

You said describe. Well, I would describe myself as fun, interesting, intelligent (little ego boost there) and someone who tries to make the right decisions.

That's the hardest part of controlling yourself; being responsible and making the right decisions. At least for me it is the most difficult. Sometimes I slip and don't make the right choice, but most of the time I think I do pretty well.

Oh yeah, and I'm modest, too. :)