Monday, August 18, 2008

Cross J Norton from Stone Hill Winery

I know, its been a while since I posted. I went to Wisconsin and saw Giant Spider Invasion instead - and all my internet time was taken up with that thing I do to make my living. Oh, and I should mention here, I love my job. Also, over the last week I saw Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, and Weird Al. Reviews and gushing raving nerdiness (guess which one that's about!) coming soon.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw down some quick tasting notes about the Cross J Norton I'd mentioned in an earlier post. It arrived! I've opened a bottle and poured a glass or two. So...

Right away: Color is great, really dark and purple red. Mmm, this smells yummy. Fruity, vanilla, and a bit warm. Let me take a sip...

OK, lets let this breathe a while. (waits)

Lets try this again. Oh, that's much better. At first the oak was almost completely overpowering, but now its much more mellow. Still there really strong (probably the strongest flavor), but it seems more balanced with both fruit and acid now. Oo, that's good (big gulp). Hmm, Norton's character is certainly unique. Its an absolutely yummy wine, and I'm having a hard time comparing it to anything else. A little bit spicy, but not like a Zin, a little fruity, but not like a Pinot Noir... its definitely a wine that I could quaff tho. The finish is great, tastes like blueberries and a little like wild blackberries (yes, I'm specifying WILD. If you've had both wild and store bought you know the difference). This could be a problem, I could drink a LOT of this (my glass is now empty and the finish is making me wish it wasn't).

Does it have the terroir I was seeking? I was going to say no, even tho it is a great wine, but that finish really blew me away - has just that little taste of the midwest that I was hoping for. I'm a happy person. Cross J Norton, you have a fan.