Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everyone is a nerd

Oh its true, its true. I have met many, many people in my life who look down on nerds. I've heard nerds dressed as anime characters laugh at the exuberance of another group of nerds playing Magic cards. I've met people who deny that they are nerds that make fun of others for being nerds. True story, the names removed to protect the innocent: I know one person who has mocked others for dressing up to go to a movie premiere, and done the mocking while playing World of Warcraft (which is supposedly "totally not nerdy").

But these are extreme examples. The fact is, everyone I know is a nerd. Oh, I'm not a nerd, you might say to yourself. Oh yeah? Name something you're passionate about. Sports? That just means you're a sports nerd. NASCAR? NASCAR nerd. The Food Network? Cooking nerd! Anthropomorphic animals and what they do in their spare time? Furry! (ahem...) Um, backpacking? Outdoor nerd. Foreign travel? Travel nerd. Getting ahead at work? Business nerd. Making gobs of cash? Finance nerd. Knowing the minutiae of the latest legislation working its way thru congress? Political nerd. Sonoma and Napa? Wine nerd. Etc, etc, etc.....

On the other hand, if there's absolutely nothing that you're passionate about, nothing you care about, maybe you're not a nerd. But are you alive?

(Feel free to post what you're a nerd about!)

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