Wednesday, October 10, 2007

'08 - a quick look at some of the candidates' logos, pt.5

Back to the Republicans for the last, but certainly not least, logo. Rudolph Giuliani. I love this logo. To start with, it uses a diminuitave for his first name, which brings a nice air of inclusiveness. His name recognition ever since Sept. 11 has been phenomenal, so going with that is a good idea (and if it helps invoke a 80's movie about an underdog who just wouldn't give up... yeah, thats just a fine association too.) The colors are unexciting, but they are used as well as could be. Blue background and white words bounded by a red box - it feels traditional and classy. The font is a conservative serif font, and the logo is set in all caps which gives it a great sense of strength. The kerning is just right to make it a really cohesive logo. The logo says everything a Republican primary campaign should be about, tradition, conservatism, and strength, with just the right touch of "I'm one of you". Great job!

Oh, and none of these reviews implies an endorsement of the candidate or their views. Just wanted to make that clear :)

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