Monday, October 08, 2007

'08 - a quick look at some of the candidates' logos

The presidential campaign is heating up, and so is the competition for a logo that will capture the imagination - and donation dollars - of the public. Now, these are primary logos - both parties are running to their base right now, and I fully expect a run back to the center, complete with new logos, once the candidates are decided. One thing I've noted about all the logos - they're all in serif fonts, which is a 180 from 04's Arial/Helveticathon.

Mitt's logo... leaves something to be desired. The typography is awful (look at the kerning around the ROM portion of his name). There are three sections of this logo - the name, the tagline, and the eagle/flag - and none of them are integrated with the others. The eagle/flag isn't inherently bad, it just seems tacked on in its current position (well, it does look sort of like an NFL logo designed in the early 2000's, but...) There's nothing wrong with Mitt's colors, either, but they aren't exactly original. Just a regular U.S. flag blue and red. The logo says that there's some problems here thinking about details that make things work - not the message that you want people to get when you're running for president.

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