Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another of my favorite logos

This is an ode to a logo that is no longer in use, but should be. Coming from Wisconsin I have to stand up for the old (1977-1993) Milwaukee Brewers logo. There has never been a better logo in pro sports. It works at any size (and any distance). Using the letters of the team M and B, and making it into a ball glove, was so perfect I still can't believe they got rid of it (and I won't speak of any of the logos that have come since. The less said about them the better.) I would suggest that the Brewers bring this logo back - it could easily be updated with a darker blue and more golden yellow, making it fit in with other modern logos. And it wouldn't hurt at all to remind fans of the days of Robin Yount and Paul Molitor.

The good news is, apparently I'm not alone in my feelings about the old logo. There's an online petition to return to it, and the Brewers are regularly having "Retro Fridays" where they wear old-style uniforms, complete with the old logo. So hopefully sometime soon we'll see the back of another one of the 90's re-branding tragedies, and the return of the best logo in sports.

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