Monday, October 08, 2007

'08 - a quick look at some of the candidates' logos, pt.2

Fred Thompson, 08's Ronald Regan (or so the Republicans hope.) Fred is the first of three candidates I'll be looking at to use his first name in his logo, using what his team hopes is high name recognition amongst the base. With Fred that's debatable (people are much more likely to remember his face than name - "hey, its the Law & Order guy!" or "Hey, its the guy from Hunt for Red October!") Fred's logo does manage to stand out from the others in that it is the only one NOT to use the ubiquitous red, white, and blue, opting for a more conservative navy and gold color scheme. I love this, as it says everything it should about the candidate even without his tagline - navy is a GREAT color for saying security, and gold says prosperity like nobodys business. So Kudos for that.

But then there's the actual Fred08. Even with the color change halfway through this manages to look like someone's AOL handle. When just typed "Fred08" it becomes even worse, like Michael Corelone's little brother is running. I know they were going for clean and simple, but it really could have used a little more kerning between Fred and 08, or an old fashioned ' . The decision to make "red" lowercase would have worked if Fred was a demo, but lowercase never really denotes Security.

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