Tuesday, October 09, 2007

'08 - a quick look at some of the candidates' logos, pt.3

Going across the isle to the Democrats, Barack Obama has the only logo I'll be looking at with a white background. The logo uses the 08 much like Fred Thompson's logo, except it uses an apostrophe to seperate the 08 from Obama as well as a color change. The font, however, is pretty, but weak. The tagline "BarakObama.com" is pretty unnecessary, as this logo it ON the site, so you should probably already realize that its BarackObama.com . I like the idea of the mark on the left, with the "sun" coming up over the red-stripe plain. It infers the whole "its a new day, lets start over again" message, and also makes kind of an "o" Something about the execution is sort of bland, however; to many gradients are making it muddy. I also wish they had integrated it more with the rest - perhaps making the mark fully into the O of Obama. Still, a nice effort.

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