Monday, February 28, 2011

My window garden, post 5 - shelves!

Yesterday was an epic of shelf making, and I forgot to take pictures of any of it (in my defense, my kidney wasn't feeling good at all.) We got a 4'x8' piece of 3/4 inch plywood from Menards, and Joshua drove it out to my parents. My dad helped us cut it into three 16" shelves, between 6-7 1/2 feet long each. Back home Joshua climbed the ladder a bunch of times, attached the three 1,000 lb shelf brackets we got at Menards, and tried to put up the living room shelf... and we discovered it was about 1/16 of an inch too long. We plugged in the portable circular saw and I took about 3/4 of an inch off the end. Joshua lugged it back up and it fit just fine.

Joshua also took down the plants in the dining room window, and got the new shelves slid into place. These were a little easier, it was just a matter of getting them up there and nailing them down. Then he lugged up the ton o' garlic and put the rest of the plants back.

Now all the shelves are ready and waiting for...

The new plants! The peas have started to sprout in earnest, and the beans and the okra are starting to show up as well. (See the three un-sprouted melons in the upper left corner? There's a story about that...)

We had a minor setback when I discovered just how bad our windows really were; I had set the seed starter next to our dining room window so it could take advantage of the heat coming up from the radiator. One morning I checked on it only to find ice on the side of the starter where it faced the window. Three of the melon seed balls were frozen on the bottom; I'm still hoping they'll come up, but we'll have to wait longer. Still... look at those peas!

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