Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My window garden, post 2

Well, I don't have any news on when my new plants will be here, but, I do have more news about the planning of the window garden. So far we have 2 very large rocoto peppers (one of them producing in abundance), purple sage, trailing rosemary, candy mint, Provence lavender, chives, pistou basil, and I've decided to try garlic. I've got to plant the garlic right away however, as it should have gone in the ground in October. Still, I've got a very large pot without any drainage to speak of, and garlic is as good as anything for those conditions.

I'm planning on filling the bottom of the pot with rocks, so provide some sort-of drainage; potting soil for the rest. The lower roots of the garlic like to be in water and the top likes to not be in water (according to my research anyway), so this should work. A sandy soil for the top would be ideal, but, I think it'll be ok.

Now, I'd like to try and grow some other things; but I'm not sure what. Some of the options are:
Vote in the poll and we''ll plant the top vote getters. I might just plant all of these anyway, but, hey. If you can think of anything else I should plant, leave a comment.

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