Sunday, February 20, 2011

My window garden, post 3 - planting the herbs

The herbs got here this week, in good shape (they shipped during the warm spell, which I'm sure helped.) I got pots from Fleet Farm, as well as lime and potting soil. The garlic was the first thing in the ground; I got a giant wooden tub for them, and planted seven large cloves. These were from organic garlic bought at county market; I chose ones who already had signs of shoots. I did this on Tuesday and today two of the green shoots are visible!

On Thursday the herbs arrived. The pistou basil was sold out so they replaced it with regular sweet basil; I'm ok with that, as that should assure that I have plenty of the stuff. The candy mint smells amazing, the rosemary is in great shape, as is the lavender (I can't wait to make lavender chicken!), and the aforementioned basil. The chives look ok; they're hard to kill so hopefully they'll bounce back. The sage looks a bit sad, but sage is a survivor too.

To start with, I put styrofoam packing peanuts in the bottoms of the potting containers; they work like rocks for drainage, but are much lighter (bonus with the height of the windows). Dad gave me a pretty giant bag; I had to sort thru them a bit to get rid of the meltable starch-based ones (biodegradable in this context is not so desirable). I used more for the plants that really like good drainage, the rosemary and the lavender especially. I also used different pots for the rosemary and lavender, where I could be sure they wouldn't just sit in water.

This is the candy mint, looking very happy.

The rosemary and lavender - well drained.

From closest to furthest: chives, basil, and sage. Now we'll just see how long I can keep em alive!

Last but not least, one of the garlic shoots. Yay!

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