Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My window garden, post 4 - planting veggies

Today we planted the veggies. We ended up planting everything but the Lao Stripe eggplant. Maybe next time! The only thing missing here are the soybeans, which are sadly on backorder. I might have to wait a little longer for my edamame fix.

All the seeds!!

I set the seeds to soak while the kids were at school. Soaking helps some seeds germinate better. We're planting lots of peas and beans, less of the other plants that tend to have higher yields per plant. You can plant a lot of peas in a single pot too. They're ok being friendly.

We got a very large seed starter - maybe larger than we needed, but not by as much as I thought - we planted 20 pea plants. The kids were a big help. (Zander was a really big help, but wasn't around for the pic)

The seeds in their nice, warm new home. Here's hoping for some germination in the next 9-12 days...

Bonus pic:
The garlic keeps getting bigger. All the shoots are up except one, but it'll probably show up in the next day. I had to cover the tub with netting to keep the cats from gnawing on the shoots, hence the colorful thumbtacks...

My goal for the weekend is to get the shelves ready for the plants (the garlic needs sun!!), and I need to start thinking about how to trellis the peas and melons (the beans are bush habit, so that shouldn't be much of a problem.). The melons will be in the window, so it'll be a little more simple, but I'm still thinking about how to grow the peas up the shadier walls. I might have to cage the tomatillos, and maybe the eggplant, but the first thing will be the peas.

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