Thursday, March 03, 2011

My window garden, post 6 - attack of the aphids

OK, it sounds worse than it is. The mint has aphids.

I thought it had white fly too, but I've been squishing all the bugs on it I could find for a couple of days, and I don't see them anymore. Pretty much everything else that is of size on the window right now doesn't get aphids (except maybe the basil; I'm keeping an eye on it), but the aphids have to go as a number of my crops from seed are vulnerable. So...

It's insecticidal soap time! Coated the mint nice and thoroughly in it. The best part about insecticidal soap is that it isn't really dangerous to humans; I'm still going to wash the mint before using it, but otherwise, its good to go.

The rest of the plants are doing really well. (The mint really is doing well too, but I hate aphids.)

As you can see, the basil is going like crazy, the lavender has a ton of new leaves coming, and the sage has bounced back from its initial sort of sad looking state.

The chives are getting tall too, and the rosemary has a bunch of new sprigs. These plants were all difficult to see from the ground when they were planted; now they're all easily visible.

And of course the plants that I'm starting from seed are coming along.

The peas were the first to get too big for the seed starter (those are all pea plants in the above shot). Almost all of them are out now; so far only three haven't sprouted. I cleared off some room on one of our bookshelves for them; they like cool and shade, so I'm going to attempt to give it to 'em.

All of the okra sprouted and grew very quickly too; some of the melons, all the tomatillos, most of the eggplant, and a few of the beans are up. Still have some of the melons, most of the beans, and all of the ancho/poblano peppers to go. I'll be re-potting whatever is up this weekend.

Shipped this week were the seeds for soybeans, red peppers, and italian parsley. I really need more dirt and pots...

The garlic continues to grow, tho the pace has reduced since they're in the sun full time now.

The peppers continue to go crazy; The one plant now has 25 peppers and many more flowers on it. The other plant still has never produced a flower; I keep hoping as its greens are looking beautiful. But the producing plant is crazy. I can't even get close to getting a pic of all the peppers.

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