Friday, March 11, 2011

A nice bit of design - blowfish grater

Isn't it CUTE? I am so in love with my new blowfish grater. Basically, I was looking for a way to grate foods - ok, specifically ginger - that would actually leave me with everything at the end. The old stand up metal grater does NOT cut it in this area - and its impossible to clean, to boot. So, I started looking online for ceramic Japanese graters. Basically, these are made with lots of little ceramic points in the bottom that grate the food, but there aren't any holes for it to fall thru, or have bits get trapped in.

You can see the little grating pyramids really well here; also you can see his mouth which works sort of as a spout for pouring out liquids that may be left in the grater.

Here's a nice close-up of the tail, which makes a convenient place to grab while pouring. And you can see the glaze, which is pearlescent and gorgeous.

But most importantly, it works like a charm.

That carrot took maybe 10 seconds, probably less. Clean up was super easy; just had to rinse it and everything came right off. This thing is a perfect example of beauty married to function - what every excellent design should strive for.

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