Sunday, August 10, 2014

You really need ifttt, even if you don't know it yet

I know some of my nerdier friends may know about this already, but many of you don't. IFTTT - which stands for "if this then that" takes things you use online and even in real life and connecting them.  I use it to publish my blog to Facebook, for example, but you can do a ton of other things - update your status when the Packers score, or text you when your plants need watering, or tell your house to turn the thermostat down if the weather goes over a certain temperature, text you when a family member gets where they're going
- or a million other things. The power of the thing is amazing.

Right now it's still missing a couple of obvious channels - G+ and Pinterest being the most obvious - and I really hope that at some point you can automatically put Facebook events on your Google calendar, but still, check it out, it's pretty cool.  Have a good IFTTT recipe? Tell me in the comments!

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