Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sears disappointment

My family needs a new dishwasher. We tried to get one from Sears (because I love the Kenmore brand). After a week and a half of nothing, we got a call saying they don't install here anymore. And then they cancelled our order out of the blue, and I got to spend half a day on the phone trying to figure out what happened. I recently sent this letter to them, expressing the entire situation and my feelings about it:

I'm writing today to tell you why I cannot bring myself to shop at your stores any longer. I loved Sears, and I bought quite a few things from you over the years; I was excited to get a Sears store card and planned on continuing to use you for all of our major appliance purchases and as many of our family purchases as I could.

Then my family needed a dishwasher.  I discovered that one was available from Sears, and on sale, and was incredibly excited that I could use some of my points to get it; I even paid extra to get it installed. A week and a half later, I received a call that you no longer installed in my area - even though I know several people in my area who recently had appliances installed. Then your system cancelled my order even though the person on the phone assured me they could just refund the installation order and we could pick it up. I talked to your customer service representatives and all they could do was give me 10% off if I chose to order it again over the phone, but it was no longer on sale. They couldn't tell me anything about installation or delivery. My family needed a dishwasher and we were left with nothing but hot air after weeks.

After this truly awful customer experience I have taken a long time thinking about my relationship with Sears, and I've come to the very sad conclusion that I'm going to have to let go of my love for your Kenmore products and no longer shop with you. I will also be spreading word of my experience to those that I know. It makes me very disappointed to do this.

Considering my customer service experience so far with Sears, I expect to get a form letter back stating how sorry you are, but not actually changing anything. It's incredibly sad to me that your store, which used to be known for it's quality customer experience, is now like this.
And this is the reply I received.  Note that I can get up to 100 dollars off!  WHEE, isn't that not exciting at all since the sale was 40% off the dishwasher (did I mention it isn't on sale by the time they cancelled the order from under me?) and they didn't say a word about installation.
 I apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced with regard to your sears.com order number 695861856. I absolutely understand how you are feeling right now and to be honest, I would have felt the same.

We are always looking for ways in which we can improve. Please know that our management team reviews the feedback that you have provided today regarding our customer service and will be taken into consideration as we continue to enhance our services to meet the needs of our customers going forward. All comments, suggestions, contributions and indeed all feedback from our sears.com customers are very important to us.

This isn't the experience that we want you to go through. I would like to offer a 15% discount (upto a maximum of $100) on your next purchase for the items sold by Sears or Kmart. If you place a new order, please reply to this email with your new order confirmation number, and we will gladly process the credit. Please be advised that this offer is not valid for the items sold by Marketplace merchants, In-store purchase and for the layaway orders.

We hope you will forgive us and give us another chance to meet your needs.
The thing is, it wouldn't have been hard for them to make this right. Just give me what I originally ordered at the original price, and have it installed. I don't want anything free. I just want what I ordered without having to call and spend hours on the phone.

So, Sears: you've lost a customer, and I hope that reading this experience will make others re-consider being Sears customers.

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