Monday, August 11, 2014

Part Two: Refurbishing an MDF sideboard, steampunk style

This continues my project to turn a beat-up, free MDF sideboard into something that is cool and steampunky. So I've got the sideboard as far as it's going to go for now. I put leather on the glass door, first with hot glue, then with upholstery tacks (I pre-drilled holes using a Dremel so that I couldn't have to pound hard and risk cracking the glass).

The other doors were ready to go so I just put them on; the tacks on the glass door necessitated I move the door down about a quarter inch so that it would fit comfortably. I also put the old knob on until I can get my cthulhu knob of awesomeness, and the old handles on the lower doors until I could make something appropriately industrial.

I gave the leather a coat of walnut oil, which is food safe and won't go rancid (another tip: if you heat it before you apply it it will polymerize and you'll get either very hard leather or a very tough coating on wood). It darkened the leather slightly, and the leather will continue to darken over time.

I thought about doing the usual steam-punky thing of putting gears on it, but I think if something is going to have gears they should at least look like they have a point. Of course,  I added watch gears to some frames in my living room and they totally don't have a point, but I digress. Here's the completed project in use!

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