Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week without driving, day 7

Well, I made it. One full week without driving (and only one day with car rides even). On my last day I ended up having to make a doctor's appointment for chest wall pain, and I biked myself over to it. It's only a little one mile jaunt over the bridge and up the hill; I was able to do the bike part in five minutes flat - much faster than when I started (and I didn't have nearly the problems with the hill that I did on the first day; I'm out of shape man!) Of course, the going down, unlocking the shed, getting everything ready on the bike, re-locking the shed, parking the bike, locking it up... that all took an extra 10 minutes, but hey. That's ok.

I'm going to try to continue driving as little as possible, both for my heath and for the environment. This week has been great, and has raised a lot of possibilities and questions for me. As today is Thursday I'm going to bike to get the CSA later, and I also have to hit the grocery store today, and I'm going to use my bike to do it (Dad actually found a nice bike trailer for 35 bucks at a garage sale, so we've got that now too!)

I really only have one remaining conundrum. Not to be indelicate, but, once a month I'm going to have some serious problems biking. Seriously, how do other women deal with it? The logistics and even more importantly, the pain? I think that once a month I'm going to have to switch over to air conditioned comfort.

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