Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inception - on level seven you face Wart

OK, if you haven't seen Inception, this will have spoilers. Kind of -- if you're like me, you won't need any spoilers, as the entire movie is telegraphed in the second scene.

Honestly, I liked this movie much more when it was two movies called "Ocean's 11" and "The Matrix." Everyone seems to think that Inception is a really deep movie with so much creativity and a lot to say. Sorry, this was just a heist movie with a gimmick stolen from a "what's real?" movie.

Now, I'm not saying that Inception is a BAD movie. Its not BAD, its just not really good. It suffers from the same lack of internal logic that Nolan's Dark Knight (*shudder*) did. You know how we made a really big deal about how your inner ear can wake you up if you are asleep? Yeah, forget we said that, because it'll interfere with our awesome van rolling/hotel spinning scene. If there's one thing that drives me BATTY, its when movies go to great lengths to establish rules, then flagrantly violate those rules.

And why exactly did they go to... Mumbai? I think? for a "chemist" when I'm sure there are qualified anesthesiologists nearer... uh...

And why are all these people so ok with breaking into a guy's head and basically screwing with who he is as a person? Especially some random architecture student. Yeah, she learns she can do anything in dreams. So go find another dream machine - there are obviously other ones around - and do it there! No one questions what they are doing even for a split second.

Was some of the imagery cool? Yep, it had that going for it. Was the acting good? Yeah, it had that too. But the dialogue was so contrived, and everything was so set up (seriously, when the rich boy died, did he end up in limbo or not? Or... wait, when you die there what happens? Sometimes its a push, sometimes you just get stabbed... and.. ) that in the end it was a internally illogical mess that masqueraded as something deep and pithy. Who didn't predict the ending when Cobb first explained his wife's totem?

I guess I just wish they had gone a few levels deeper. I was looking forward to the boss battle where you catch veggies and feed them to a giant lizard that really doesn't want to eat fresh green peppers.

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