Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week without driving, day 2

Well, day 2 was a bit easier than day one. I didn't have to go pick up anything at the store or anything, so I didn't ride my bike at all, much less use the car.

The only hiccup came when Josh was going to be late home from work, so Austin and I went to the kids' grandparents. Fortunately it's within easy walking distance - its only about 6 or 7 blocks - so we made it over there in about 15 minutes and back in about 20 (walking with a dog that stopped to defecate FOUR times and smell every little smell everywhere did not speed the process; neither did walking back with a 5 year old in wet shoes :) ) Still, it was a really pleasant walk, as it was warm but there was a really nice wind blowing.

So far the experiment is going really well. I can see myself doing almost completely without a car in spring, summer, and fall - the exception being when the kids need schlepping, but they're getting used to riding their bikes to most places in town (the older ones at any rate). Winter, however, is another matter. It's so bitter in winter around here, I'm not sure I could deal. Merrill is solidly in the band between 6 and 8 degrees on the map. That's mean temp, not lows. Frostbite is not my friend. Still, if snowmobilers can do it... wonder if I need snow tires...

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