Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week without driving, day 3

On day 3 of driving I took my first ride in a car since starting. We had to go to Prairie Pines (Mennonite store) in Gleason to load up on sugar, brown sugar, noodles and bacon; its a 15 mile stretch each way, takes about 25 minutes by car, and we have the kids, so bikes were out. Still, I didn't drive, and we took the little car, so at least the gas mileage was low.

Later we had a mini school reunion at one of my high school friends parents houses. It was just over 2 miles each way; uphill most of the way there, downhill on the way back. The last hill got me, and I got off my bike and walked it about 50 feet. Oh well, at least I tried. Still, its getting easier already; I need the exercise!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the store that you visited on this day, do they have large quantities of things there? Like wheat or flour? Just wondering, I am thinking of going there on my way north some time to see what they have?

Tasha said...

They do indeed. I get 25 lb bags of flour there, and I'm pretty sure they've got unground wheat as well. Most of what they have available is bulk - flour, rice, soup mixes, jello, cereal, etc - as well as some fruits and vegetables, a few canned products, and amazingly huge ice cream cones. Oh, and some of the best bacon I've ever had. I really can't recommend a trip there enough. Between them, Geiss' Meat (which is both a slaughtering and processing plant, with all local meats, much more than is show on their website), our CSA, and the farmers market we rarely have go to the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I'll stop in next time I am up that way.