Sunday, June 27, 2010

No car challenge

I know I missed yesterday; it was the day of the pancake breakfast at our CSA, Stoney Acres Farm. The pancakes -- and the rest of the food -- were awesome. Great thanks to Kat & Tony (and their family, friends, and workers who were helping out) for the wonderful time.

I don't know if you've heard of Adam Greenfield. He decided that for one year he would live entirely without cars. No taxis, motorcycles, rides from friends. Adam was able to do it, and I've heard of others that are doing it too. But... they live in very urban areas -- in Adam's case, San Francisco. I've decided I'm going to take a week and try it out myself, but I'm going to allow myself to ride in cars, just not drive them. The absolutely no cars thing is awesome, but is strictly impossible when you live in a rural area and have kids to tote around.

When I start my experiment.. I'm not sure when. The real trick will be getting the CSA share. I'm going to have to get my bike into town and figure out how to haul stuff around with it. Should prove interesting! Once I have that figured out I'm going start my experiment. Should be in the next week or two, I'll keep everyone updated.

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holly said...

When I lived in town, I road my bike around shopping quite a bit. My suggestion would be to get a backpack with some nice padded straps. You would be amazed how much you can stuff into a backpack. Going with some of your current view points, I would suggest looking at St. Vinny's for a backpack if you don't have one you could use.
A bonus to shopping while riding on a bike is that you end up buying less because you have to haul whatever you buy.
Another thought would be to get one of those carts that you attach to the back of a bike to haul kids around in. This could double as a way to purchase larger quanities.