Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our "bucket list" of places to visit

We've got a nice list going of places that we'd really like to visit. We're especially trying to hit at least one country on every continent; then there's several that are between continents or not on continents or are sub continents. And of course, we'll be buying carbon offsets for our plane trips. They really are inexpensive and worth the peace of mind. We're hoping to hit a new country every year!

  • North America -- ok, sorta a gimme, but Canada! Its like Wisconsin, only further north, they use funny looking money, and say aboot.
  • Asia -- Japan. Nerd heaven, great food, awesome culture.
  • Europe pt.1 -- Turkey, Greece, Italy. Foundations of so much of western civilization are in these places. And awesome food.
  • South America -- Argentina. Wine, friendly people, inexpensive, nature, wine, and food.
  • Africa -- Zambia. Safe, stable, friendly, amazing wildlife, Victoria Falls, inexpensive, food.
  • Australia -- Australia. Kangaroos, Koalas, desert, great white sharks and box jellies, G'day mate and... food.
  • Asia pt. 2 -- China. Shanghai, Hong Kong, and seriously holy cow the food.
  • Europe pt. 2 -- Ireland, England, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, all the other tiny little countries. For art, culture, beer, beer, and food.
  • Other -- New Zealand, Egypt, India, Costa Rica - All beautiful and interesting and FOOD.
  • USA! USA! -- heh. New Orleans, Boston, Disneyland, Orlando, Hawaii, Alaska, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Jellystone. Beauty, culture, and you guessed it... food.
  • Antarctica --Antarctica. This'll pretty much have to be last on the list. Cheap Antarctic cruises are 20K a person. And no food. Unless you really want to club a baby penguin (ok, there's food on the ship, but no native Antarctic delicacies. Maybe snow cones....)

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