Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My favorite bit of design

Seriously, I love the toilet lid sink. This is possibly my favorite bit of design ever (well, other than the old Milwaukee Brewers logo.) It combines everything that a great design should be... its innovative, it breaks conventional boundries, its sustainable, and it encourages its users to better their lives.

Seriously, this is brilliant. Normally, toilet tank water is a waste of perfectly good, potable water. With the simple replacement of a toilet tank lid (fits most tanks), the clean water is used for washing hands before it goes into the tank. Its beautiful because you don't need to replace your entire toilet to take advantage of it - just the lid.

Even better, it really encourages hand washing. As soon as you flush the faucet runs, so its impossible to miss the cue to wash -- especially handy if you've got kids around. In every way, this is an amazing piece of design.

Want one? Here's the least expensive one around, and its from a shop that's cool in a lot of other ways too.

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Tait said...

But where would one put the decorative kleenex boxes and magazines?? Just kidding! I think that is a perfectly fabulous invention.