Monday, July 07, 2014

Thought of the day: Sheeple

I think I'm tired of the word "sheeple." I hear it from those on every side of every issue, to deride those that disagree with them. The thought is that if someone disagrees, they must be being led by "things they were told," by sinister forces on the other side. Usually this is followed by a call to "do research and wake up!"

The problem I have with it is, many people who disagree *have* done some research, but sometimes they put inordinate weight on anecdote and unverified claims (and many times the person using the "sheeple" term is the one who has fallen victim to this.) It also instantly dismisses any opinion other than one's own, and makes me tune out because it makes me think you aren't amenable to discussion.

Now, I'm just as vocal in my opinions as anyone else, and it is human nature to believe that everything you think is correct. For example, I can't think of an idea that I hold that is wrong, even though it is necessarily true that I am not right about everything.

If you want to really analyze someone's argument, you should see if they (or you) are committing logical fallacies. I personally am vulnerable to the slippery slope argument in certain contexts, as well as the no true scotsman.

In the end, don't worry about being a sheep, a guard dog, or even a wolf.  Be a honey badger.

Honey badger still don't care.

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