Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LED Zepplin... lamp.

So I'm not that excited about the lamp currently in our front hall, and I wanted to steampunk it up. I decided a while ago to make a zepplin lamp. It'll be lit with LED bulbs.. so.. it is technically a LED Zepplin.

I started with a three and a half foot dowel and many two foot lengths of 1/2" x 1/16" basswood. I glued and threaded the pieces together with brown fishing line (Power Pro!) to make ten 5 foot struts.

Close up of one of the joins in the basswood

I cut out end pieces from brass sheet and screwed them into the dowels, and then used machine screws and nuts to attach the struts to them.

I also cut a propeller out of the brass and used a longer screw and some wooden spools to make it look pretty good.

I used basket reed for the ribs, again gluing them and tying them with fishing line.

Close up of the join
This is where it's at right now, after adding the inital wiring for the lights inside.

I still have to cover the frame with rice paper mache, and make the gondola. I have a good start on the net that will go over the top and attach to the gondolla:

Waxed linen thread net
I'll hopefully update after this weekend with a much more complete LED Zepplin!

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