Monday, January 07, 2008

M.C. Escher, my favorite MC

I know, I know, I started off by quoting Weird Al.

Ever since I was a little kid I loved M.C.Escher. What nerd doesn't? His draftsmanship is so superb and the way he plays with space is sublime. His influence on me is most obvious in my illustration work, though I don't even get close to approaching his level of (sur)realism. My favorite works of his incorporate the line quality I love - very organic shapes - with his wonderful sense of balance. I would be hard pressed to find a work of his that felt top, bottom, right or left heavy - and many of them are very symmetrical.

The other thing that I find really interesting about his work is what appears to be a Japanese influence. Sky & Water, the famous woodcut, shows a simplicity of form and line that I particularly enjoy. Puddle, the image on the right, show forms that could have been done by Hiroshige (but the way the trees are reflected is pure Escher).

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LiT Web Studio said...

Just had the same thoughts re. Japanese influence when I saw Puddle in Rome the other day ...