Friday, January 04, 2008

Aesthetic influences

I've been giving some thought to my favorite artists and designers and my artistic influences lately. I've come up with a list that surprised me a little bit, in just how modern and slightly eclectic it is. Off the top of my head, I was able to think of the following artists and designers that have influenced my aesthetic and the way I look at art, design, and the world: Ansel Adams, Ken Adam, Salvador Dali, M.C. Echer, Mark Friedberg, Hiroshige, Hokusai, Eiko Ishioka, Robert Mapplethorpe, Claude Monet, and Georgia O'Keefe.

I'll be going into more depth as to why I love the work of each of these individuals, but I can say that it generally falls into two categories: use of organic lines and shapes, often contrasted by strong man-made and industrial lines; and use of color and light to create beauty. Some of these artists specialize in one or the other - Ken Adam is a great example of the first, Monet of the second. Most of them fall into both categories, at least to some degree. All of them have helped make the world a more beautiful and interesting place. (And for those who may scoff at Mapplethorpe for his "unsavory" reputation - well, the flower on the right is a picture of his. Surprised?)

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