Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Folding brass luggage cart doesn't exist.

So I find myself getting some vintage luggage. The set I'm hoping to get is a beautiful tan color (leather) with brass hardware, and really will be wonderful. The only problem is that being vintage its not that easy to get around with, unless you have a hand truck available. No problem, I think.

Then I go and look at folding luggage carts. Folding luggage trucks. Folding luggage dollys (dollies?). Folding luggage whatever you want to call them, they come in: matte black and chrome, or matte black and brushed aluminum/steel, or matte black. Now while these would look fine against a boring, typical matte black suitcase ... why oh why oh why aren't there prettier options? Why am I stuck with a luggage truck that looks like it retired from warehouse duty when hotels get beautiful brass luggage carts?

There's no reason for this that I can figure. So... if some company could just go ahead and make what I'm showing in the picture (or something along these lines - the key here is BRASS and FOLDING guys!) , I'd appreciate it. And if you want, go a head and make a set thats entirely brushed metal (alum or steel) too. Oooo, and if you really want me to be happy, copper. Just not black, for heaven sake.

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