Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No new stuff challenge starting... soon.

OK, I'm back from the awesome week of GenCon -- highlights: spending mucho time with Josh, game demos, Damsels of Dorkington, Hickman's Killer Breakfast, the dance, and of course and unfortunately the FOOD. Sooo much good food; Sushi on the Rocks, Ruth's Chris,
McCormick & Schmick's (where I had the best dessert I've ever eaten), more Sushi on the Rocks... and I'm going to have to work out a bit extra this week to pay for it.

Still, we made it thru GenCon while only buying a few new things, and they were either presents for the kids, or out of print, or bought at a very large discount, or just plain cool (Adventures of Baron Munchausen RPG). But now that we're back I'm realizing that there are a few things that I'm going to need to buy new before going on my month long abstention.

The things that are holding me back are: an Ikea chair bed - a futon-like bed small enough to actually fit up the stairs to the clock tower; natural/safe ingredient lip color to replace my current lip color (that has started to smell a little off); and a Moon cup (reusable feminine hygiene product). Admittedly, the last two should come under personal products or consumables... but I can't say that of the bed. I also cannot find anything comparable for the price.. but if you know of something, drop me a line.

Josh also pointed out that the month without new shouldn't be hard for me, as we rarely buy anything new anyway. The kitchen stuff weakness is still there tho.

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