Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Help: need more local meat

OK, I'm looking for more sources of local meat - beef and chicken specifically. Preferably grass fed, small farm beef, and whole pastured roaster chickens. Geiss' hooks us up with all the chicken breasts, sausage, elk steak, and pork chops we need, but we like a good steak, roast, roast chicken. I know that our CSA is selling organic certified meat, but its in quantities and at prices I can't yet justify.

I really don't want to shop at the supermarket for this stuff; too much of what they have is from the major meat producers, was trucked in, far from natural, yadda yadda. I have an excess of hormones as it is, thanks.

I'm starting to try to wean myself off the easy to use, crazy tasty, but expensive broth I normally get, but finding a ton of chicken bones isn't that easy. Bonus points for someone who can point me at duck, goose, and soup bones - I'll even take old, tough rooster for making some good, meaty broth!

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