Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Please stop being scared.

This guy fears nothing. OK, he maybe takes it a bit far.
Look, I know, I get it. You hear about the latest massacre, how something online is bad for your kids, how big pharma is out to get you, how the world is so much more violent than it used to be. I know, hearing all of that over and over and over is *scary*.

Only, none of those things are true.

Violence in the United States is down about 40% from its high in 1993.
The internet really isn't bad for your kids.

Vaccines save way more lives than they hurt -- and before anyone says, well, what if you're one of those they hurt?  I WAS ONE OF THOSE.  I went into anaphylactic shock after my first dose of pertussis vaccine and nearly died, and was unable to be immunized.  THANK GOODNESS everyone around me at the time was immunized, or I would almost certainly have died when -- not IF -- I got pertussis. As it was I got it as an adult, broke my ribs from coughing, nearly suffocated several times, vomited from coughing, and was very, very sick for three months.

You're way less likely to be sexually assaulted than you used to be. (And you're actually safer with strangers...)

Predators are not very likely to steal or hurt your kids.

The world in general is safer than it ever was.

If you want to worry, worry about poor nutrition, lack of exercise, wearing seatbelts, and driving while distracted.  They're more likely to kill or hurt you and the ones you love than any movie, video game, rock band, stranger, or even the internet (never tell me the odds). About other dangers, take obvious, basic safety precautions (firearm safety, awareness training, swimming lessons, learn CPR, monitor your little kid's usage of the net). But really... the world isn't nearly as dangerous as you're being led to believe.

(Now, why are we being led to believe everything is so scary?  That's a whole other topic...)

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