Sunday, February 02, 2014

What to blog about...

I'm honestly not sure what I want this blog to be.  Obviously I post pictures/how to's of projects on here, from design to cooking.  I know not many people read the blog, but my most popular posts are strictly limited to visual design - my Obama D20, descriptions of why I really enjoy certain artists, deriding of the XFL jerseys.

I enjoy posting about my original work, like my coffee table, all my recipes, my salt smoking basket, my steampunk house numbers (I want to add some of my leatherworking too; I've got a couple of projects I'm going to be starting in the next couple of months that I think are pretty exciting).  But those draw far less views.

So, for the few, the dedicated, the people who read my blog... what do you want me to write about?  Please?  And thanks in advance.

All the *hugs*

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