Saturday, April 16, 2011

My window garden, post 8 - beans, beans the musical fruit

Well, lots of growth since my last post - and my beans have begun producing. Boy, have they.

There have been some setbacks. The garlic is busy dying off; I watered it too heavily to begin with, and it never recovered properly. The mint's aphids simply will not die, so it has been sequestered outside to prevent spread. It'll live or die out there. And last, the soybeans simply refuse to germinate. No idea why. They just hate me I guess.

Everything else is doing great - starting with the beans.

This gives some idea how well they've done.

Several of the beans ready for harvest.

Preston likes beans!

Part of one day's harvest.

Beans on the right, Marconi red pepper in the middle, cantaloupe on the left.

The largest okra. The other two are also thriving; I've had to re-pot them. I really only have room for one, so I'll probably give the other two to my dad and see how they do in the garden. Really hard to grow them around here under regular circumstances tho.

The other two okra and the eggplant in the background.


Eggplant closest, tomatillo next, and the continuously producing Chilean insanity (rocoto) pepper.

Another tomatillo!

Lavender, ready to produce its first flower!


The purple sage lives!

Garlic chives and rosemary. Thank goodness the black aphids never came back.

The massive pea riot. Still waiting for flowers....

That's about it. Mostly going pretty well. Keep wishing me luck!

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