Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The beginning of no-new month

I've been gearing up to start my month of no buying anything new. The one major concern is that I still haven't gotten Austin his bed; it will have to go on my list of permissible new purchases for the month. I did get the other stuff I was planning on buying new, and its all awesome, so that's all good.

I've actually been trying to only buy used since I put up the last post, and I've done pretty well. I managed to snag a nice, heavy cast iron skillet for two bucks, and a cast iron griddle with a grease channel (wooo!) for 20. The skillet has a bit of rust on the back, but nothing that can't be dealt with; the griddle is in excellent shape. We did have to buy a bunch of new stuff for school tho, but most of it is consumables (and thank goodness for the dollar store), so that's good.

Which leads me to another thought - I've seen and heard of package videos and new shopping videos on Youtube; I wonder if there would be a "market" for thrift shop/garage sale find videos? Hmm.

So, the things I will allow myself to buy new this month: consumables (tho I'm going to try and re-arrange the kitchen drawers to hold cloth towels and get more cloth napkins to cut down on how many paper towels/napkins we use); Austin's bed. That's it.

Cross your fingers for me. Resisting the labor day sales will be my first big test.

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Unknown said...

awesome idea! good are making a big difference and others should follow your lead, myself included!

-jody gross