Friday, October 17, 2008

Nippon Pt. 1

Hey ya'll... I'm in Japan!

The most astonishing thing about Japan? How much of it is in English. Spoken and written. No problem getting around at all.. most things are in romanji as well as Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. What's door in japanese? Doah. They have taken so many english words into their language its crazy.

So, we've eaten lots of food - katsu (AMAZING), shabu-shabu (really good), yakiniku (GREAT), and italian.. which was spectacualr! The italian was actually Original Joe's, same as the one in San Jose, only a tiny storefront.

We've seen a couple of really cool smaller temples, and shinto shrines. Saw a japanese wedding at one of them (traditional non-western). Also went and saw the Great Buddha of Kamakura. It was really, really amazing. The age of it, the artistic qualities, the love that that thing has been shown. We even got to go inside and look around at how it was construction. Amazing.

Thats all for now.. I'll be able to put up more later when I have a more definite internet connection!

Love you all!!

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