Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who am I?

Some results of random introspection I've had going on lately:

I'm a former cheerleader who can name all the major characters in both Star Trek and Star Wars, as well as a good portion of the starting lineup of the Green Bay Packers. I'm a nerd who collects as much information on every useless topic she can and uses MAC and Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics. I watch Doctor Who, I Claudius, NOVA and NATURE and have made it exactly five minutes thru an episode of Sex and the City before turning it off. I will bend myself in a pretzel to stay in any relationship or friendship, and I chastise my friends for not caring enough about themselves. I own two Kate Spade bags I purchased at goodwill. I am passionate about the environment and the right to bear arms and bare arms, though I am unsure about arming bears. I think Orlando Bloom, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and Mark Walhberg are all amazingly attractive. I want my cell phone to withstand a 50 foot drop off of rocks into a lake and be able to look up where a nice restaurant is on it afterwards. I love cats and dogs and guinea pigs and steaks and pork chops. I tell white lies and am honest about saying I do. I love clothes and hate labels. I love taking fast car rides on windy roads and get motion sick in movie theaters. I wish everyone cared enough about politics to investigate what politicians actually do and not just what their soundbites say. I have written fanfic and disparaged furries. I've been a fan of ninja turtles and professional wrestling. I wear high heels all the time to the point of having high heel converse and I love going backpacking solo in the dusty california backcountry. I read Shakespeare, Marx, Nietzsche, Tzu, Orwell, Huxley, Bradbury, Simmons, Niven, Tan, King, and Rowling. I think that subtexts should be analyzed but sometimes a bat signal is just a bat signal. I love wine and beer and good liquor and have drank a king cobra outside a bowling alley. Many women scare me. I play D&D, Mega Man, and the worst game of volleyball ever seen. I enjoy dining at Michelin star restaurants and back home with my parents. There are certain words I rarely spell correctly, like "definitely". I love you all very, very much, even tho you drive me totally insane.

So who am I?

I dunno. Who do you think I am?

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