Friday, February 08, 2008

Obama's logo, part deux

Well, its been a few months and I thought I'd revisit the presidential candidates logos. Now, I didn't review McCain at the time because at the time he was considered an also-ran... so much for that. Things are still more interesting on the Democratic side. Hillary has kept the same logo I liked so much at the time of my last writing. Barack Obama, however...

If I didn't know better I'd say someone from the Obama campaign was reading my blog, as they seem to have fixed every single thing I complained about! To compare:
When I last reviewed Obama's logo I had three main complaints: the font and lowercase letters made it look weak, the "" was extraneous, and the sun logo was somewhat muddy and not very well integrated. First, they've changed the font to a bolder, all-caps font (look at how much stronger the top and bottom of the O are now) Also, they've done really nicely with balancing the Obama'08 by making both the O and the 8 slightly larger. I do like that they're still using a serif font - gives it a nice touch of class. The "" has disappeared, and rightly so. My favorite thing is what they've done with the "O sunrise" element - by adding a white border, drop shadow, and shine and making it the central element of the logo they've added emphasis to the "newbeginning" message and at the same time made it feel modern and nicely designed.

So... we have a new winner in the logo contest, and it is Mr. Barack Obama. Congratulations, I imagine it will serve you well!

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