Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My favorite brands - Burger King

He creeps out my mom, but I love him. Burger King returned to the "Have it your way" slogan, introduced "The King", who is undenibly strange, and started producing some of the most innovative commercials and advertising schemes around. "Subservient Chicken" was a web phenomenon, using flash and some very clever word logic to make users feel in control of a dude in a chicken suit. The character went on to star along with the King and Brooke Burke in the Burger King themed games that came out for the XBox last christmas (and yes, we played them. A lot. And apparently so did lots of others - it drove their profits up 40%!) One of their newest commercials shows a regular chicken practicing kung-fu (with that one old Asian dude who ALWAYS plays the "Old Asian Man") Its totally brilliant. And best of all, the whole new marketing campaign has pulled Burger King back from the edge of disaster Who says marketing doesn't make a difference?

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